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How we work

How we work for you

Contact Us

The process starts when you contact us by calling us, emailing to info@uvcnetworkssolution.com.ng, or by filling out the Contact Us form. Usually we start by signing an NDA for you.

To speed up that process, you can register in our system and get a signed NDA for you or your company immediately. One of our top developers, either Chidera or Victor, will contact you via email or by phone to discuss the project with you. We are all excellent software developers each with many years of experience, so we can discuss your options in depth and give you some rough estimates right away.

Tell us about your project

In that discussion we will want to know how this software is going to help you make or save money. We will ask a lot of questions about your business to be able to understand the issues at a gut level. This is essential for us to be able to create the software for the least cost.

Once we figure out a plan of action, we will create the development agreement between you and Our team. This will appear on our Track System where you can sign the agreements electronically. We generally work on an hourly basis and there are some projects that we can do on a fixed fee basis.

Get the development team

To begin development, we will select a lead developer and as the project progresses additional developers may be put on it. Generally you will communicate directly with the developers via phone, email and our Track System. The developer you spoke with at the start and developed the business plan with, will continue to monitor the project and be there to discuss any new things we have learned and how that affects the strategy.

The developers doing the bulk of the work are in our office, which means they are generally awake during the night time and they general are done with their day around 10AM PST, we are available for a large chunk of the clock.

Monitor the process and costs

Our developers will create something within a few days and get that to you to try it. Over the course of the project, we will update it almost every day so you can see the progress. Every day our developers enter their hours into our Track System with notes on what they did. You can add items to the to-do list by directly entering them into Track.

Move your project into production

As things progress and the software moves into production, you will be in contact with our developer as much as you need in order to prepare for next phases or adjust the plans as you and we learn new things.